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Holiday Food Drive

Growing up all I knew was give me back to the community and being there for someone else. Saturday mornings were not meant for cartoons and cereal they were meant for it getting up early and going to the church to feed the homeless at the local park every Saturday morning. These good deeds my mom instilled is my sister and I at a young age stuck with me as I grew older and within my business I try to implement lots of ways to be able to get back to the community and those who need. We all need a hand to get to the next stepping stone, level, or day!

Help me as I use my platform to do good work for the community around me. I have so many single moms and single parent households and even to parent household that are struggling to be able to put good quality food on the table this year. I am looking to raise food donations to be able to help those families in need and I will also be matching and donating 20 turkeys.

Please bring canned goods and non-perishable items to Heelz kitchen café or you can donate monetarily via the link below. Thank you guys so much and together I know that we can make a change.

Label as Holiday Food Drive

CashApp $chefashonti

Zelle 214-229-5943

Venmo - 2142295943 @chefashonti

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